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Paul’s Perspectives

Fine photographs of nature

Paul Hashfield, Photographer



Paul Hashfield has taken photographs, primarily as a hobby, for over 50 years.  He now shares his photographs with others through Paul’s Perspectives

Educated as an electrical engineer rather than in fine arts, Paul has an appreciation of structure and form and the ability to recognize opportunities for outstanding photographs.  Photography subjects include animals, birds, butterflies, dragonflies, flowers, and the beauty of natural scenery.  Paul also photographs interesting buildings and other man-made objects. 

Paul and his wife moved to the West Coast from Princeton, NJ, and now live in Aptos, CA.  In New Jersey, Paul conducted a small, successful photography business.  Accomplishments include a multi-year exhibit at the National Audubon Society gallery in Goshen, NJ, participation in local art shows, and exhibits at several retail outlets. 

A long-time user of 35 mm film cameras, Paul has transferred the best of his film photographs to digital format via a high-resolution scanner.  He now takes all of his photographs with digital cameras, capturing images in raw format.  His catalog contains photographs that originated in both film and digital formats.  When necessary, photographs are minimally processed with Photoshop software to adjust exposures or to crop and resize them for printing.  Photographs are reproduced from digital files either by professional photo laboratories or by Paul. Paul utilizes a specialized photographic printer using pigment-based inks and high quality photographic papers.  Paper types are chosen to best match the photograph’s subject matter.  All prints are produced with archival quality materials.

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